Thursday, February 02, 2006

Keeping Track of Blogs.

If you're like me, you keep track of several blogs. It takes a while to go and look at all those blogs, and life is too short to keep track of every blog that might interest you. There is a solution, and free at that. It's the JetBrains Omea program. This little gem, which has a freeware version (no expiration date!), will keep track of new posts to blogs you frequent. Alas, it does not automatically keep track of comments. However, it does have a feature on it which allows you to keep track of comments you have posted quite easily. You can "flag" particular posts on particular blogs you want to monitor; there are several colors you can use to flag them. The program allows you to jump right to that post from within the program. This is much easier and faster than going to the blog and scrolling all the way down to the post of interest. I'd recommend this program! You can find it here. Incidentally, one handy little term you should know: RSS feed. Most blogs have this, and it allows programs like Omea to keep track of new posts. Most times, Omea can find it for you automatically (any blogspot blog will work). Other times, you need to be able to find the RSS feed manually. That usually isn't too difficult. Anyway, here is a way to keep track of blogs (which is quite fun) without feeling guilty about spending all that time doing so. So you can procrastinate in other ways...

In Christ.

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At 2/03/2006 02:17:00 PM , Blogger Susan said...

Well, here's to hoping this will be more helpful than cumbersome :).

*glass clinks against. . . air?*

Thanks for the suggestion, and I do hope it helps. I just downloaded the program and set up feeds, and I think I understand how it works. We'll see :). Computers are not my forte; that comes from always having an older computer-savvy brother on whom to lean.

I can see this definitely being helpful for organizing my online time. I do very well with managing things if I have a system, but without a system I fall apart. This is why I keep my e-mail sorted regularly and why my room and closet are in such neat order. Once I let up a little, I let up a lot :(.

I've tried oodles of ways to organize, restrict, and prioritize online time. I sure hope this works :).

At 2/05/2006 07:29:00 AM , Blogger Adrian C. Keister said...

Ja, keeping track of stuff online gets to be quite a task these days. What I'd really like, in addition to Omea, is something that keeps track of comments on posts. That'd make it even easier.

I'm glad you find it helpful.

In Christ.


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