Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Plug

I just finished listening to almost all (not all are posted) of the 2008 ACCS Conference talks. They were, for the most part, terrific. You can download all of them for free from here. Some highlights for me:

Any talks by George Grant.
19 Matt Whitling - Boys and Classical Education
30 Douglas Wilson - Defending Sayers' Insight
50 Ken Myers - With Choirs of Angels: Music and Transcendent Order

The last I mentioned, Ken Myers on music, was unbelievably good. It would be good medicine for many Christians these days who think that beauty in music is relative (it isn't relative in truth or goodness; why beauty?). Ken Myers is one of those (only slightly) annoying people who are never cliched, quote mostly authors I've never heard of, and issue profound truths almost as asides. I have a time of it to keep my mind up to what he's talking about! It's worth the effort, though.

In Christ.

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