Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lane's Third Blog

When I wrote the title of this blog entry, I couldn't help but rememeber the Fawlty Towers episode where Fawlty is sitting in his office, and turns on Brahms' Third Symphony. He's got the volume up, and his wife tells him to "turn off that racket." To which he replies, "It's not racket, it's Brahms! Brahms' Third Racket."

Anyway, this is an advertisement for Lane's third blog, entitled "The Accent Translation." You can find it here, and there is now a link to it on the right. This is a fantastic idea of Lane's (please follow the link and read the first entry at the bottom for the idea). To my knowledge, using color coding and accenting in this precise manner has not occurred to anyone before; he's breaking new ground here, and I'm excited about Genesis Chapter 1, which Lane has already posted. See for yourself!

In Christ.

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