Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Movie Review: The Dark Knight

Rating: PG-13

Degree to which what sins there are in the movie (as defined biblically) are condemned (0 = sin is always winked at, 10 = sin is always condemned): 8

Degree to which the story has redemptive value (0 = no one saves anyone, 10 = practically the story of Christ's redemption of His people): 5

Artistry of movie (0 = completely inartistic, 10 = stunning work of art): 7

Originality (0 = copies everything from somewhere else, 10 = unique): 9

Synopsis: Harvey Dent is the new District Attorney in Gotham, and he appears to be as incorruptible as Gotham is not. He is also dating Bruce Wayne/Batman's girl, Rachel Dawes (almost hilariously miscast in this movie), a fact which complicates matters tremendously. Enter the Joker, a villain with very few rules except do everything he can to create chaos and mayhem. Without giving away too much, I'll say that the trajectory of this movie is dark in the extreme.

Critical Review: The most disorienting thing about this movie is that the viewer really has no idea whatsoever what the Joker wants to do, or what his goal is until near the end of the movie. He kills with apparently no conscience whatsoever, burns large piles of money he has just earned, etc. I should also point out that it is extremely improbable that anyone could be so far ahead of justice as the Joker appears to be. That, of course, is of no concern to the story. The story simply assumes the existence of such a man.

The theme of Dark Knight is actually very similar to the theme of Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkein, though I would say the ending is quite different. That theme is that corruption can happen to anyone, even someone like Harvey Dent.

Overall: This was a depressing movie, though exciting; it was gory, though it definitely told some truth. It is definitely worth watching at least once, though I'm not sure all the hype was well-placed. Both Susan and I liked Batman Begins better.

In Christ.

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