Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Too Much Fun (or is it time on my hands?)

For those of you who are fans of Pinky and the Brain and who also like math, I thought I'd mix things up a bit. Enjoy!

Sierpinski and D-brane,
Sierpinski and D-brane,
One was a genius,
The other's a plane.
Their laboratory's diced
Their theories don't suffice;
They're dinky:
Sierpinski and D-brane, brane, brane, brane
Brane, brane, brane, brane

The calculations done,
Their pattern will unfold,
See the fractal well begun:
The triangle behold.

Sierpinski and D-brane,
Sierpinski and D-brane,
Their triangle plain,
Is hard to explain.
To prove that they're a lark
They'll overshoot the mark
They're dinky:
Sierpinski and D-brane, brane, brane, brane
Brane, brane, brane, brane

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At 2/12/2007 06:44:00 AM , Anonymous MG said...

A picture??? On YOUR blog??? *faints*

At 2/12/2007 10:58:00 PM , Blogger Grace said...

Wow! Interesting! I am guessing that you were absolutely giddy with the almost arrival of Susan and had to have an outlet for your excitement! =)
Love is in the air..well, at least on Susan's Google Talk statuses!! Are your's as bad as hers? ;)
P.S. Thanks for showing her how to italicize stuff on GT!! I have been wanting to know that for a while!

At 2/14/2007 07:25:00 PM , Blogger Adrian C. Keister said...

Reply to Mrs. G.

Yes, actually. I realize this overturns the entire order of the world, but...

Reply to Grace.

You wrote, "Interesting!" *in Inigo voice* You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. Hehe. I find most people use the word when they want to, uh, pan something. :-)]

Your guesses were right on! I had very goofy grins on my face most of the day before and the day of. My GT stati (plural of status?) are much worse than Susan's, in answer to your question. I'm in love; what can you expect?

You're quite welcome for the knowledge on italics. I can't really claim any credit for deep wisdom. I actually discovered italics on GT stati by accident. I wanted italics, but didn't know how, so I just did the Internet standard underlining (underscores on either side), and it came out italic. So perhaps I've punctured my poignant prophecy prettily.

In Christ.

At 2/15/2007 09:45:00 AM , Anonymous MG said...

I had to look up that use of "pan"...I don't think I've ever heard it before. Learn somethin' new everyday.

At 2/15/2007 04:26:00 PM , Blogger True Grace said...

Actually Adrian, I do know what the word "interesting" means! And I don't use it when I want to pan something! I use it when I think something is interesting! 'Course it all depends on the person how something is found interesting! =)

At 2/16/2007 05:33:00 PM , Blogger Jessie said...

You know Pinky and the Brain?? I used to love that show! Nevertheless I didn't get your parody of it, but I'm sure it was very clever : )

And you quote from the Princess Bride too... Okay Susan, if there were any doubts about it before, Adrian's definitely got my seal of approval now! : D

At 2/16/2007 10:23:00 PM , Blogger Susan said...

Oh, goodie, Jessie. I was worried ;-). Hehe.


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