Saturday, August 08, 2009

Root Beer Day

Today, in Connecticut, it's a root beer day. What, might you ask, is a root beer day? Here are the (rather stringent) criteria:

1. It must be either a Saturday or a holiday in the summer such as Independence Day or Memorial Day.

2. It must be 70 to 80 deg F outside.

3. It must be a relatively dry day (right now, the relative humidity is 38%; that is acceptably low).

4. The sky must be either cloudless, or have cirrus clouds. A few other clouds are allowed, but the majority must be cirrus.

Now, what do you do on a root beer day? It is required that you celebrate by drinking either root beer or cream soda (it doesn't matter which brand - choose your favorite) in the afternoon.

So this is a tradition I started a while ago, and have found fun. Take it or leave it.

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