Monday, April 16, 2007

The Shootings

God has been very good to me. In light of the recent shootings here at Virginia Tech, please pray for the families of the victims, their friends, etc. No one I know, I think, was hurt, but that is not true for everyone around here.

Incidentally, in case I haven't mentioned it before, I think the media has lost base with reality. Consider: unsubstantiated rumors abounded. The police reports were much more conservative. For example: we don't actually know that the two shootings were even related. There was one shooting in a dorm room: two dead. Approximately two hours later, there was a much more deadly rampage in a classroom: thirty dead. The classroom gunman then turned the gun on himself, making for thirty-one dead in the classroom. The police still don't know if the two shootings are even related. But what does the media do? Automatically make the link, claiming that all 33 deaths are due to one man. In addition, all the media can seem to do is criticize the administration for "lack of proper handling." Let's see the media personnel in those places of authority and see if they could have done any better! I have very little patience with people who only criticize, and have no constructive comments. In addition, rather than focusing on being compassionate to those who have suffered loss, they seem to be focused on beating up the admin. Is there any compassion in the media? I'm looking forward to whatever World magazine puts out on the story.

In Christ.

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At 4/17/2007 01:03:00 AM , Blogger natalie said...

Glad to hear that you are okay, Adrian. Still waiting to hear the same (hopefully) for several others we know attend there.

Oh, and I would have to take issue with your statement that "all the media can seem to do is criticize the administration." Let's not forget the ever-important message they are proclaiming in light of this situation of the need for greater gun control. Certainly stricter gun control laws could have prevented this massacre... [/sarcasm]

At 4/17/2007 02:39:00 AM , Blogger Tammy C said...

Glad to hear that you were okay.I can't even imagaine what the feeling of everybody on campus is like.

At 4/17/2007 08:23:00 AM , Anonymous John Dekker said...

May God's peace rest upon you, mate, and on all your fellow students.

At 4/17/2007 09:34:00 AM , Blogger Bethgem said...

I did think of you when I read about it.

I, too, was disgusted at the immediate criticism of the faculty, when my own initial feeling was one of sickening grief for the victims, which I think is the appropriate focus at this time. I can only assume that grief can turn into the need to lash out at someone.

At 4/17/2007 10:39:00 PM , Blogger Lydia said...

So glad to hear you are all right. When I read in the local paper that the shootings took place in one of the math and science buildings, I immediately thought of you and your safety. I am sure Susan is beyond relieved.

I will be praying for all those touched by this horrific tragedy.

Thanks for the timely update.

I agree with Natalie's assessment of the media coverage. Even our local paper was already making the connection that stricter gun control laws would have prevented this. It is so ridiculous.

And maybe if one of the other students had a concealed weapon to charge the perpetrator there would have been far fewer casualties. A group of unarmed, law-abiding citizens can't very easily take down an armed outlaw.

Well, those are my thoughts.
Let us know of specific ways to pray as you are made aware.

God bless.

At 4/18/2007 10:02:00 AM , Blogger True Grace said...

I was glad to hear that you are ok! Oddly enough we heard that you were okay from my grandmother who, knowing that Susan was engaged to you and that you went to VA Tech, called Mrs. Meg to see if you were alright! =)


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